film vs digital wedding photography
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Film vs. Digital: Let’s Get This Party Snapped

film vs digital wedding photography

Capturing the Raddest Wedding Photos Ever

film vs digital wedding photography

Let’s talk party favors, y’all, but not the kind you stuff in a goody bag. We’re talking about the EPIC photos that capture the wild joy of your wedding bash! So, film or digital? Spoiler alert: There’s no wrong answer, just the vibe that best suits your epic love story.

film vs digital wedding photography

Film: The OG Party Favor

Film is like the vintage record player of photography – it adds a warm, grainy vibe that screams “classic cool.” Imagine your photos – guests bathed in a soft glow, laughter etched in timeless frames. It’s a party captured with a touch of mystery, each frame a precious gem.

Film’s Party Perks:

  • That Old-School Vibe: Think smooth gradations and a natural, oh-so-cool grain. It’s like a dreamy Instagram filter come to life!
  • Light Like a Boss: Film handles light and shadow like nobody’s business, so even those dramatic dance floor moments look flawless.
  • Focus on the Fun: Limited snaps keep you present, capturing those fleeting moments of pure joy (and maybe a few goofy dance moves).
film vs digital wedding photography

But Hold Up, Film Fanatics:

  • Price Tag Party Foul: Film photography involves shooting, processing, and scanning costs, so it’s a bit pricier than digital.
  • Patience is a Virtue: You’ll have to wait a bit to see those final photos, adding a touch of anticipation to the post-party buzz.
  • Control Freak Alert: You can’t adjust exposure or white balance after the shot, so embrace the happy accidents!

Digital: The All-Night Party Animal

Digital cameras are like the ultimate party guest – adaptable, versatile, and always ready to capture the fun. You can see your photos instantly, tweak settings on the fly, and make sure you get every confetti-filled moment.

film vs digital wedding photography
film vs digital wedding photos

Digital’s Party Power:

  • Instant Replay FTW: See your pics right away and adjust as needed. No more waiting to see if you got the money shot.
  • Adapts to Any Scene: Low light on the dance floor? No sweat! Digital cameras excel in various lighting conditions.
  • More Bang for Your Buck: Digital photography is generally more affordable, letting you capture all the fun without breaking the bank.

The Final Mic Drop

The choice between film and digital is all about the kind of party vibes you want to capture. Embrace the timeless charm of film or rock the digital flexibility – either way, remember the most important thing is capturing the love, laughter, and pure joy of your epic wedding celebration! Party on!

film vs digital wedding photography

Planning a wedding

Pro Tip

Don’t choose sides! Go hybrid! Use film for some artistic shots and digital to grab all the key moments. Thats were we coming in with the Analog Bundle you can add to any wedding/elopement package.


You guys have absolutely nailed it. We couldn’t love the pictures more. You have honestly captured the very essence of the day. – Mim and Matt