Hi, We're Kelly & Reuben

It all began with a band t-shirt. Kelly walked into work one day wearing a Red Hot Chilli Peppers t-shirt, Reuben looked up from the burger station and caught her eye. Transcending, his favourite song on the One Hot Minute album played in his head.

We started talking and shared our first kiss on the corner of Reubens street and made plans to buy tickets to the Big Day Out to see the Chilli Peppers perform on stage. And we have been together ever since!

Now you know our story, let us tell yours!

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, yet also regularly work around victoria and available to travel worldwide

Lives on Love Street

"She lives on Love Street,

lingers long on Love Street"

The Doors

Meet The Team


She | HEr

True crime podcast obessed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best tv show ever made. Loves to read books by Tara Moss. Spotify: The Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Nick Cave, Billie Eilish, and Pearls. Grandfather was a famous Scottish Strong Man. Has an indoor plant fetish. Champagne guzzler. Cries watching sad movies. Currently learning to roller skate!


him | HE

Lover of Gin and craft Beer. Lives in a world of alternative rock music. A devourer of chocolate. Fanatic fan of McLaren F1 and Essendon. Known for bringing a chilled vibe to life. Favourite director and movie are Christopher Nolan and Interstellar. Enjoy a good porridge in the morning. Has a fast growing vinly collection.

Quiet Moments

Kelly's favourite part to capture on the wedding day is the getting ready section. Documenting the champagne popping and those quiet moments make her heart beat!

Our goal capture what it feels like not just how it looks!

Lets Dance

Reubens loves the heart pumping pulse of the dancefloor when everyone is lose and tearing it up on the

d-floor letting their true personalities fly!