5 reasons why you should print your photos

5 Reasons why you need to print your photos

Does a photograph even exist if its never printed and remains on your computer or phone? Isn’t it just a whole lot of numbers when it remains on a digital device? Sure we can see it with our eyes that its an image, but is it ever really a photograph if we can’t hold it in our hands and touch it?

Maybe it’s an effect of the long neverending Melbourne lockdown we are stuck in whilst living with a once in our lifetime pandemic. I’ve been feeling very nostalgic about printed photographs. I’m longing for the good old days hanging out with family and friends.

For me, a photograph is a passport to a moment in time, an unforgettable memory that I want be able to reminisce about when I’m older.

I picture in my mind’s eye sitting in my favourite chair telling my great-grandchildren stories about my life. I imagine how these stories will be enhanced with the visual tangible printed photographs I can show them of the major events in my life, my family & friends and places I have seen.

female hand holding polaroid print of couple

So here are 5 reasons why you need to print your photos!

1. Technology will change

What a nice USB you have Grandma? There will come a time when you won’t be able to insert a USB into a computer or a device. If you haven’t printed those photos, they will never be seen with the human eye again. Remember cassette tapes, floppy discs and cds? Almost exstint now and modern technology keeps marches on!

2. Hard Drives can blow up!

I’m still devastated when I think about the time I experience this myself. The unforgotten smell of the burnt plastic and metal as a permanent reminder to always print and back up! Hard Drives don’t last forever and do blow up. I distinctly remember the day as if it was yesterday (over 14 years ago now) when we had our personal hard drive blow up and we lost the first year of my youngest daughters photos in an instant. I was lucky that I had printed some of my favourites or I would have none to show her what she looked like as a baby. Always back up your hard drives and even better print those photos that you can’t afford to ever lose!

3. Self Esteem Builder

It makes you feel good to look at prints. It brings back memories and feelings of belonging. It is a well-known fact that having family pictures on display at home helps children with their self-esteem.

My most priced possessions consist of a box of old photos including images my nanna took and the photo albums I have made. If I am in the need of cheering up, I know I can look at these items and feel so much joy.

4. Decorate your home

There really is no better way to personalise your own home than with meaningful photographs. It makes a house feel like a home. Warm and inviting. And visitors to your home will stop and see the special photos you have to chosen to display and it will start many conversations about the people and places that are important to you.

5. Record of your life

This may sound morbid…but when you are gone from this earth the best record of your existence is to leave behind photos of yourself. My mum has only 5 photos of her mother (she died when my mum was only 12) and if she didn’t have those photographs in prints I would never know what my grandmother looked like.

Whether you have your printed photos on display or in albums, books, or boxes. Having photos printed will inspire you to live your life to the fullest. The future you, will thank you! So without further or do go now and print some photos!

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