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Five reasons why you should choose to Elope

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In our five years of being wedding photographers and filmmakers, we get asked frequently about why some couples choose to elope and have a small mico wedding instead of large ones. To help couples planning their journey to matrimony we thought we’d write this article about why you should choose to elope.

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1. A chance for Adventure

Taking this leap in your relationship and starting the next phase is an adventure! A new chapter in the story of your love affair. By seeing it as a chance for an adventure, choosing an unusual location or remarkable personalised experience to mark the occasion.

It could be on a ski trip to Mount Hotham, a helicopter ride in Queenstown, New Zealand, getting married in front of a waterfall in the Otways, the mystic of The Red Forrest in Warburton, or a location on my bucket list is Hanging Rock in Macedon Ranges.

2. Save Money

Big weddings with lots of guests and all the trimmings can be very expensive. The average cost of weddings in 2020 for Australians is around $36,000.

By cutting your guest list, choosing a smaller venue, buying unique elopement attire and really personalizing your elopement to only include the things and people that need to be there. You’ll save a big chunk of money.

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3. Less Stress

If you are not a natural-born planner, the thought of planning a wedding won’t make you jump for joy.

Elopements are easy, just pick your date, location, two witnesses, celebrant, photographer + filmmaker (we can even double as witnesses) and you are all set to have the elopement of your dreams.

We are always here help with your elopement planning. By listening and getting to really know you. We can come up with ideas, give advice and suggestions.

4. Intimacy

Elopements are more about the individual couple and their intentions towards each other than about the big party. One of the things no one tells you is by having a big wedding, you end up being the host for the night. And become busy ensuring you have spoken to all guests and that they are having a great time.

Elopements tend to be more emotional and couples are more focused on the little moments between each other rather than other people.

Fewer guests and fuss can really suit people who don’t you don’t like being the centre of attention. And therefore might feel more comfortable to be yourselves.

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5. No Drama

Not everyone is close to their biological family. Maybe you are the kind of person that chooses whos in your family.

In addition, eloping gives you the perfect excuse to plan your wedding your way. This could lead to having fewer opinions of well-wishing family members and their expectations of who should be on the guest list etc.

After that, you can even surprise your family with the announcement after you have tied the knot! Brownie points if you have chosen to have it filmed!

While reading this, if you found yourself nodding your head numerous times, it’s fair to say that eloping could be the right way for you to declare your love for each other.

If you are looking for a friendly husband and wife team to help you along your elopement path email us here and check out this page about elopement photography

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