reasons why you should have an in home session

10 reasons why you should have an in-home session

Your own home is my absolute favourite place to capture your family. The photo opportunities are endless, parents and kids seem more relaxed instantly. I see more of your individual personalities shine through.  When you look at the images from your family photography session I want them to represent who you really are, in that moment!  And I think there is no better way than having it take place in your family home. It’s a real, raw and honest look at how your family looks right now.

10 reasons why you should have an in-home session

No need to drive anywhere

No rushing to get everyone out the door. I know that loading up the car and taking newborns, babies and toddlers anywhere can take a lot of time and a lot of effort. Opting to have your family photographed at home cuts out the need to travel to the location, saving you precious time and you wont be suck in traffic, making it a more relaxed way start the session.

Kids are more relaxed

Young and older kids get bored quickly when they need to wait around for their turn to be photographed if there is a newborn in the house. Photographing your newborn is never rushed. When the session is at home they are able to go and do whatever they want while they wait for their turn, it’s their house after all.

No fancy clothes needed

If you kids are anything like mine, they hate being told what to wear. Being at home means there is no need for fancy outfits, you get to be wear what you really want. Its huge saving of money too, not rushing out to purchase special photo shoot clothes. If your kids love wearing their pj’s all day or a wiggles dress for three days straight, or constantly like changing their clothes and even super hero cape, now you will have a photographic record of this to smile and giggle at in years to come.

Snacks and bathroom breaks

Food is readily available to tame a hungry toddler and toilets are exactly where you need them when you need them! Enough said 🙂

You might move one day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to look back at images from your first family home, and see where it all began. I know that some of my favourite images are of my childhood home when I was growing up. Home decor style’s have definitely changed since the 70’s.

Dad’s & Mum’s love it

He doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything but play with his kids. It doesn’t get much better than this! Mum will have more time to get ready You won’t be in a hurry making sure everyone else ready to go out the door, you’ll even have time to put on some lippy and mascara.

You want natural unposed moments

It easier to act natural when you are in your own environment with less distractions. Locations in a public places can often be full of other people walking around and you never really feel like your alone to do your own thing.


Rain, hail or shine! It won’t matter if you session takes places indoors.

Countless things to do

There are numerous activities ideas and spaces for backdrops inside your home, making it the perfect location to capture real, honest and amazing photographs. Jumping on the bed, story time, baking a pancakes, play a board game, or chasey in the backyard. You will never feel suck not knowing what to do to entertain your children.

Home is where the heart is

When you feel comfortable you will look comfortable. There is no better place to be than in the comfort of your own home. It really is the place we can’t wait to get back to when we have been on a trip away. Everything you need is there, it is already a source of countless memories, so lets make some more.