old treasury building wedding

Old Treasury Building Wedding


The Old Treasury Building Wedding of Jenny and Steven took place on my birthday. It was so good to be back at this gorgeous iconic Melbourne building for a micro wedding.

These smaller celebrations are fast becoming the normal way to get married during a pandemic. I hope these micro weddings are here to stay. Large weddings aren’t suited for everyone and intimate nuptials are very special to witness.

Jenny choose to wear a black dress covered in delicate gold and lilac flowers, which looked amazing. The groom wore a black suit and gold tie to match.

After the super-chilled ceremony, we walked around the building and surrounding gardens to make portraits of this beautiful couple. Jenny is so funny we couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.


bride arriives in wedding car to old treasury building wedding
Jenny arrives in the wedding car.
couple kissing on the steps of old treasury building before the wedding ceremony
The couple kiss on the steps before the ceremony takes place.
couple making jokes waiting for old treasury building wedding to start
These two giggled and laughed almost the entire time.
A small group of guests watched the ceremony unfold.
old treasury building wedding couple exchanging rings during ceremony
old treasury building wedding first kiss
old treasury building wedding groom signing paper work
old treasury building wedding witnesses signing paper work

Wedding Portraits

old treasury building wedding couple holding hands in front of the building
This bride is a girl after my own heart! I took my wedding shoes off as soon as I could too.

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