narre warren family photographer

Narre Warren Family Photography Session

Narre Warren Family Photographer

We have enjoyed watching these two girls grow up. Every time we are invited to document this beautiful family we feel extremely honored.

This time the family session took place at The Dickson’s house. The family are moving shortly. Lisa & Glenn wanted to have photographs to remember their first family home. This is where her babies we brought home from the hospital, a place where they have nurtured and watched their newborns grow into strong, funny, cupcake loving little girls!

This December morning started off with mini sprinkled cupcakes and hot chocolates and licking the icing off was Tessa’s favourite thing to do.Then we headed into girls rooms to play, Alexis purple painted room was first for some ipad action. After an episode of pepper pig it was time to get the books and blocks out.

The cool change brought some much needed rain, which resulted in gum boots on and we headed out into the backyard to explore. Lisa is also a very talented jewelry designer. So we ventured into her studio to check out her stunning designs first hand. If your looking for a unique piece, please reach out to Lisa Farley Designs.

Are you a located in Narre Warren looking for a family photographer? Please contact me, I’d love hear from you.

Mum’s, you must exist in photographs for your family, they are your legacy! I see you and cannot wait to photograph you and show you how much you are loved by your family. Find out more about family photography HERE.

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