how to plan a surpise propsal

How to plan a surprise proposal that rocks!

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As wedding photographers, we have witnessed countless proposals and heard all the stories from our couples as we get to know them. We have seen many creative and romantic ways to pop the question. If you’re planning to propose to your significant other, you may be wondering how to make it special and unforgettable. Here are some ideas that could make your proposal stand out:

how to plan a surprise proposal
how to plan a surpise propsal

Here are 7 surprise proposal ideas:

  1. Take a trip down memory lane. Think about the special moments you’ve shared together and try to recreate them. Take your partner back to the place where you first met or had your first date. You could also create a photo album or scrapbook filled with memories of your time together and end it with a proposal.
  2. Surprise them with a scavenger hunt Plan a scavenger hunt that leads your partner to special places that are meaningful to both of you. Leave clues that are inside jokes or references to shared experiences. The final destination could be a place where you’ll be waiting to pop the question.
  3. Make it a grand gesture If your partner loves grand gestures, consider something big like a flash mob proposal or a message written in the sky. Just make sure it’s something that your partner will appreciate and not something that will embarrass them.
  4. Incorporate their hobbies or interests If your partner is into music, you could serenade them with a song you wrote. If they love sports, you could propose on the field or court where they play. Think about what your partner loves and try to incorporate it into your proposal.
  5. Keep it intimate If your partner is someone who prefers private moments, you could plan a romantic dinner at home or in a special place. Light some candles, play their favourite music, and make it a moment that they will cherish forever.
  6. Involve their family and friends If your partner is close to their family and friends, involve them in the proposal. You could ask them to hold up signs or create a surprise party after the proposal.
  7. Plan a couples photography session and invite us along to capture it. We can even help you choose an epic location and give you some ideas and tips to make it your own.
how to plan a surpise proposal
how to plan a surprise proposal

Remember that the most important thing is to make the proposal personal and meaningful to your partner. No matter what you choose to do, make sure it’s something that will show them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. As wedding photographers, we know that the best proposals are the ones that come straight from the heart.

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