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Bentleigh Family Photo & Video Session

Today we dive into the heartwarming story of a beautiful family in Bentleigh, as captured through a collaborative photo and video session On a cloudy spring day, we embarked on a journey to document the precious moments of this family’s life, with a focus on the newest addition, baby Elle.

Bentleigh, with its charming streets and serene atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for our session. As we arrived at the family’s home, we were greeted with warmth and excitement, ready to embark on a journey of storytelling through visuals.

For this special session, I had the pleasure of collaborating with my dear friend and talented photographer, Fran. While Fran expertly captured the still moments through her lens, I had the honor of bringing the family’s story to life through video.

As the session unfolded, we witnessed the genuine love and joy radiating from every corner of the home. From tender moments shared between parents and baby Elle to playful interactions with siblings, every instant was a testament to the beauty of family bonds.

Despite the cloudy skies above, the soft diffused light added a touch of warmth to the scenes, enhancing the intimacy of the moments captured. It served as a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest of moments, regardless of the weather outside.

Through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to encapsulate the essence of this family’s life in Bentleigh. From cozy cuddles on the couch to laughter-filled playtime in the backyard, each frame spoke volumes about the love and happiness shared within these walls.

As we wrapped up the session, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful experience. The photos and videos captured will serve as timeless mementos, preserving the memories of this chapter in the family’s life for years to come.

In the heart of Bentleigh, amidst the clouds of spring, we embarked on a journey of storytelling, capturing the essence of family life through photos and videos. It was a privilege to witness the love, laughter, and joy shared by this beautiful family, and I’m honored to have played a part in preserving their precious moments for eternity. If you’re in Bentleigh or surrounding areas and looking to document your own family’s story, don’t hesitate to reach out for a photo and video session that will capture the magic of your life today.


  1. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish all of my lifestyle portraits looked like that! What a beautiful film as well!

  2. This video is so sweet! What a great way to preserve a few memories with baby in the home.. Love the video + photo combo for family sessions! Well done!

  3. AH! I LOVE LOVE that you do family videos! That is such a unique take and will make the most wonderful memories.  This is so beautiful

  4. Oh my gosh, this film is absolutely precious!! The song is absolutely perfect too… nothing like those slobbery baby grins. Gorgeous work!!

  5. Awww can’t get enough of this little bundle of cuteness and her expressions! The video is so well done too. I am sure the new-parents will cherish these moments forever. 

  6. What a beautiful family session! Love how you documented these sweet moments of Mom and Dad with their beautiful baby girl! What a treasure this video is!

  7. This is so precious! I love that you offer video with your family sessions! There is something amazing about seeing the expressions on her little face and how the baby interacts with mom and dad. A family film is definitely something I’m going to want when I have kids! 

  8. Ahh those chunky thighs! What a beautifully done in-home session! My fave!

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