reasons to ship having a wedding videographer

6 Reasons to Skip the Wedding Videographer

(But Maybe Don’t!)

Considering skipping the wedding videographer? Here are six “reasons” you might want to consider… followed by some compelling arguments for why hiring us could be the best decision you make for capturing your special day.

wedding party dancing with the bride and groom during portraits

“You’ll Avoid Hearing Your Own Voice… But Miss Out on Heartfelt Vows”

Let’s face it; hearing your own voice can be cringe-worthy. But what if we told you that those awkward vows and heartfelt promises are the very essence of your love story? As wedding videographers we capture those moments in all their raw, unfiltered glory, ensuring that your love story is told just the way it happened.

“You’ll Save Money… But Miss Out on Priceless Memories”

Sure, skipping wedding videography coverage might save you a few bucks upfront, but at what cost? Imagine reliving your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones, hearing their laughter, and feeling their tears as you watch your wedding video together years down the line. Priceless memories? We think so.

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“You’ll Have Fewer Cameras in Your Face… But Miss Out on Hollywood-Worthy Shots”

Tired of dodging cameras left and right? We get it. But what if we told you that hiring a videographer means having someone dedicated to capturing those Hollywood-worthy shots without interrupting your day? Say cheese…is not in our job description. We are all about capturing your day as it unfolds. It’s your call.

“You’ll Avoid Awkward Posing… But Miss Out on Authentic Moments”

Posing for the camera isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But fear not! A skilled videographer knows how to capture the authentic moments—the stolen glances, the heartfelt vows, the unscripted laughter—that make your love story truly unique.

“You Won’t Have to Re-Watch Your Entire Wedding Day… But Say Hello to FOMO”

Who has time to re-watch their entire wedding day, anyway? Well, you might want to make time when you realize all the moments you missed in the whirlwind of the day. From the flower girl’s adorable antics to grandma tearing up during your first dance, you’ll want to relive it all.

“You’ll Avoid Getting Emotional… But Miss Out on Heartwarming Tributes”

Let’s face it; weddings can be emotional roller coasters. But what if we told you that those tears of joy could be immortalized forever in your wedding video? From heartfelt speeches to surprise tributes, your wedding video will be a treasure trove of emotions.

bride and groom pouring champagne into glasses

While skipping the wedding videographer might seem like a tempting idea, the truth is that your wedding video is a priceless investment in your love story. From capturing raw emotions to preserving cherished memories, a wedding videographer adds an extra layer of magic to your special day that you won’t want to miss. So, lights, camera, action—hire that videographer and let the magic unfold!

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