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You've planning one of the biggest parties of your lives! You don't want to be posed and have your wedding turn into an all-day photoshoot! You want to enjoy your day with your favourite humans. Knowing all the best moments will be captured in a candid unobtrusive way with a healthy dose of creativity!

melbourne wedding photographers kelly and reuben on their wedding day
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Hello Lovers,

Us on our wedding day

We are Kelly & Reuben!

We're capture what it feels like to be at your wedding.

We never let a pretty photo get in the way of a perfect moment!

two grooms holding each other in the vineyard at their wedding
wedding photographer melbourne bride and groom spraying a bottle of champagne

You're on the hunt for a wedding photographer that just gets you and won't put in into awkward poses! We’ll give you fun directions only when needed to make you look and feel amazing in your photos!

Wedding Photography for couples who don't want to be posed!

bride and groom holding hands during ceremony wedding photographer melbourne

You want real, raw, emotional imagery that tells the whole story of what it feels like to be a fly on the wall at your wedding. We’ll capture all the moments that will become legendary and passed down to the generations to come!

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wedding photography melbourne

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“our approach to to document what it feels like to be at your wedding”


What if wedding photography was about more about how it felt to be there rather than getting perfect staged photos. We focus on capturing moments above all, and with a heathy dollop of creativity!

- Kelly & Reuben