Why Your Favorite Song Won't Make Your Wedding Video

Why Your Favorite Song Won’t Make Your Wedding Video

(But Here’s How to Get the Perfect Soundtrack Anyway)

You’ve picked the dress and or suits, booked the venue, and found the perfect photographer. Now it’s time to capture those precious wedding moments on video. But there’s one snag: your dream of having your favorite pop song soundtrack the first dance might need a little adjustment. Here’s why wedding videographers typically can’t use mainstream music, and what you can do to create a video with a soundtrack that’s just as magical.

The Copyright Conundrum

The culprit behind the missing mainstream music? Copyright law. Just like paintings or books, music is considered intellectual property. This means the creators – artists, songwriters, record labels – have exclusive rights to how their work is used. Including copyrighted music in a video without permission is a big no-no.

The Licensing Labyrinth

To legally use a popular song, the videographer would need a license from the copyright holder. This license grants permission for the specific use (wedding video) and often comes with a hefty fee. For smaller videography businesses, obtaining these licenses for trendy tunes can be a logistical and financial nightmare.

Don’t Despair, There are Alternatives!

Fear not, lovebirds! There are plenty of ways to create a stunning wedding video with a soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly. Here are a few options:

Royalty-Free Music: Websites offer libraries of royalty-free music specifically for commercial use, often at a much lower cost than mainstream licenses. With a wide variety of genres and moods available, you’re videographer is sure to find something that complements your video beautifully.

BYOM (Bring Your Own Music): If you have a specific song in mind and own the rights (think independent artists or songs that are out of copyright), you can provide the music to your videographer for use in the video.

A Final Note on Online Videos

You might see wedding videos online with popular music. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal. Platforms like YouTube have copyright detection systems that can flag unauthorized music and take action, like muting the audio or even blocking the video.

So, while your dream pop song might not be the official soundtrack, with a little creativity and collaboration with your videographer, you can still create a wedding video with a musical tapestry that reflects the love and joy of your special day.

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