what is the best time per ages for family session

What is the best times per ages for family session?


Choosing the right time for a family photo shoot can make a world of difference in the quality of your pictures. The perfect time can vary depending on the age of your family members and the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

We’ll explore the best times for family photography, considering different age groups within the family.

what us the best time for family sessions
what is the best times per ages for family sessions
what is the best times per ages for family session

Early Morning Magic (Babies and Toddlers)

Best Time: Sunrise to Mid-Morning

When it comes to photographing families with babies and toddlers, early mornings can be magical. These little ones tend to be at their happiest and most cooperative after a good night’s sleep. The soft morning light provides a gentle, flattering glow that works wonders for capturing those tender moments.

The atmosphere is serene, and there are fewer distractions, making it easier for the photographer to focus on the family’s interactions. Plus, you can take advantage of empty parks or scenic locations for a peaceful backdrop.

close up family portrait at home in the garden during family photo session

Golden Hour (Children and Teens)

Best Time: Late Afternoon to Early Evening

The golden hour, which occurs just before sunset, is a favorite among photographers for a reason. It bathes everything in a warm, golden light that creates a dreamy, romantic ambiance. This time is excellent for families with children and teenagers.

Kids are usually full of energy in the afternoon, making it easier to capture candid, lively shots. You can have fun with various poses and activities like playing catch, blowing bubbles, or having a picnic. The golden hour light also works wonders in highlighting the vibrant colors of clothing and nature, adding an artistic touch to your photographs.

brothers sitting on a log at home during family portrait session at home
sisters sitting on a log at home during family photo session

Daytime Delight (Families with Seniors)

Best Time: Mid-Morning to Early Afternoon

For families with senior members, like grandparents, who might prefer a well-lit setting and are active during the day, the late morning or early afternoon is ideal. The sun during this time provides even, soft lighting that complements mature skin tones.

This time frame is perfect for capturing formal family portraits or more traditional shots. Consider locations with beautiful architecture or gardens for a classic and timeless feel.

the kids at home on their parents land smiling for the family photographer during a session at home

Special Occasions (All Age Groups)

Best Time: Flexible

Sometimes, the best time for family photography is during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions. These events are filled with genuine emotions and interactions, making for memorable photos.

You can plan your photoshoot around these occasions, ensuring that everyone is present and in high spirits. Be sure to hire a professional photographer to capture the essence of these moments, as candid shots and posed portraits can both shine during special events.

In the world of family photography, timing is everything. The best time for a family photoshoot varies depending on the age groups involved and the atmosphere you wish to create. From early mornings with babies to golden hour sessions with kids and teens, and even daytime photoshoots for families with seniors, there’s a perfect time for everyone.

Remember that while timing matters, the most important thing is to capture the love, connection, and joy that your family shares. So, choose a time that suits your family’s schedule and preferences, and cherish the memories that you create together through the lens of my camera.


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