what is documentary newborn photography

What is documentary newborn photography?

Documentary newborn photography isn’t always suited to every family. To be very upfront and honest right off the bat, if you are looking for perfectly posed newborn babies in baskets with various props, I am not the right photographer for you.

I truly believe that the best way to capture how it feels and preserve your family memories is by hiring a documentary family photographer. It can be instead of a traditional posed newborn photographer or in addition to.

Who is it for?

The documentary newborn approach works well for parents that are; salt of the earth and heart on your sleeve kind of families that are looking for what is raw and real when it comes to photographs. You’d describe yourselves as nostalgic, you don’t take life too seriously and have an amazing sense of humour.  You are happy to let your guard down and understand what you look like, a few extra kilos, love handles and double chins aren’t going to matter when your kids look back on their newborn baby photos in the years to come. You are strong, worthy and beautiful just the way you are now.

What are the benefits?

Documentary newborn photography sessions take place in your own home. This is where you are going to be the most relaxed. You will not have to do anything other than be yourselves. I will just feel like I am your friend who has come to hang out with you for an hour or so.

You will not have to pack the nappy bag and travel anywhere; everything happens in your own home. You will get unique photos and or videos that truly capture what it feels like to be a parent of a newborn. Nothing is cheesy or fake, just real natural photography.

Everything is where you need it! Your own bathroom, the fridge for snacks, a change of clothes if your baby or you need it.

What to Expect?

From the moment you reach out until your final gallery is delivered and beyond you can expect a personalized experience from a photographer who genuinely cares about you, your family and the memories that are important to you. I will ask you questions about your home and life so we can really create a session around the things that matter the most.

I will put you at ease as soon as I arrive. How you are feeling is just as important as the photographs or video clips. I am mostly hand-off, wanting to capture things unfold naturally but will give you some gentle directions if needed.

Imagine you are sitting on a rocking chair on your back porch with one of your grandchildren sitting on your lap and they are asking you to tell them a story about when their parents were babies. Not only are you able to use words to describe them you will be able to show them in photographs and in films what life was like when they were born. This is why I do what I do for myself and offer it to other families too.

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