why your wedding photographer should stay for your wedding reception

Six reasons why you should have your wedding photographer stay for your reception.


The planning phase of your wedding day is an exciting time but it can also lead you to feel overwhelmed. There are so many choices and decisions you will need to make as a couple. One of them might be; should you have your wedding photographer stay to cover your wedding reception. We say HELL YES! There is so much that will be missed if your photographer leaves early while the party you have been planning for ages rages on.

Here are six reasons why you should have your photographer (hopefully you will tick that off your list and pick us, Reuben and Kelly) stay for your wedding reception!

1. Dancing Shots

And nothing that tells the story of your guest enjoying themselves more than photos taken on the dance floor! After all the formalities are over, the beers are flowing, the music is turned up and your guests will feel the need to move their bodies to the drumbeat! It’s where the magic happens, and everyone is super relaxed. Seriously, its one of our favourite parts of the day and we hate to miss a good dance party!

2. Night Time Portrait

Your wedding day will fly by in a flash. At the end of the night, let’s take a romantic stroll around your location and snap a couple of creative shots. It’s an amazing excuse to steal a moment together and take it all in. The night time portrait is quite often the one photograph that you will want to blow up big and hang on your wall. Its art for your home that will be enjoyed and talked about for decades to come.

3. Speeches

We frigging love the speech section of your wedding. It’s where those beautiful words are spoken about you guys and the laughs fill the room. The feeling of all the love your people have for you, lovers; gives us goosebumps the reaction shots are priceless! Totally worth capturing and remembering how it felt to be loved and adored by all in that special moment of your day.

4. Random Guest Candids

Your guests are important to you, you have invited them to share your wedding day for a reason. By having your photographers stay until the end of reception you get even more photos of your aunties, uncles, cousins and good friends smiling and having a good time.

5. No need to Rush the Formalities

If you planned on having your wedding photographer not stay for your whole reception you can feel the need to rush all the events of your day ie, cake cut, first dance etc. Knowing that your photographer will be there until the end of your wedding reception, gives you the chance to slow down and do things in your own time instead of the mad panic at the start to get all major formalities completed before they leave.

6. Telling the full story

We are storytellers and love to be there for the whole day. It truly is the only way to document your story fully. Nothing is missed and there is plenty of time for everything.

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