proposal at the Royal Botanic Gardens

So you’re planning a proposal at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne?

proposal at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Let’s make it EPIC

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proposal at the Royal Botanic Gardens

You’re down on one knee amidst the vibrant blooms and whispering trees of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Tears well up in your partner’s eyes, a giant “YES!” escapes their lips, and… confetti explodes everywhere? Maybe not the confetti (unless that’s your thing), but the Botanic Gardens offer a dream setting for an unforgettable proposal. Want to capture that magic forever? Let’s talk about popping the question with a photographer by your side.

Finding Your Special Spot:

Lakeside Love

The Ornamental Lake is a classic for a reason. Rent a rowboat for some privacy, glide past the weeping willows, and get ready for that surprised “YES!”

Guilfoyle’s Volcano

Want panoramic views of Melbourne? The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne has a beautiful gem at its peak, offering a truly unique perspective of the city skyline with open green spaces to set up a picnic.

Secret Proposal Spot

Wander beyond the main areas and discover hidden gems like the Australian Forest Walk or the Fern Gully. These tranquil spots offer privacy and a unique backdrop for your big moment.

Snag the Perfect Photo Pro:

  • Do Your Research: If you are local scout out the location first to find the perfect spot. A Melbourne-based photographers who specialize in proposals and engagement shoots like myself can help with suggestions. Check out portfolios to find a style that matches your vibe.
  • Spill the Beans (Kind Of): Chat with the photographer about your vision. Share your chosen location, how discreet you want things to be, and any special things you have planed that you’d love captured.
  • Top Secret Surprise: For the photographer: Discreetly share the full proposal plan with them. This ensures they’re in the right place at the right time to capture the magical moment. For your partner: Create a believable story about the photoshoot. You could say you booked a couples photographer as an anniversary or birthday gift, or that a local photographer is offering a free garden photoshoot for couples and you volunteered (or even “won” a Facebook contest!). This way, you can encourage your partner to dress up for the occasion, making the proposal even more special.

Proposal Power-Up Tips:

  • Permits, Sch permits: While personal photography is allowed, a permit is required for professional photographers. Contact the Royal Botanic Gardens in advance to secure one. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria filming permission.
  • Lighten Up the Moment: Think about lighting and weather. Early mornings offer a soft, romantic glow, while sunsets create drama. Weekdays are generally less crowded if you prefer a private proposal.
  • Check for events at the gardens: It’s important to note that the botanical gardens may close early on occasion for special events throughout the year. Double-check their calendar to confirm they’ll be open on your chosen date and time to ensure a smooth proposal.
  • Be Prepared: Pack a picnic basket with bubbly and treats to celebrate! Bring a blanket for a comfy kneeling spot, and have a backup plan in case of rain (Melbourne can be unpredictable!). Check out Mystery Picnic Dates Experiences, Twilight Gourmet Picnic Boxes and The Terrace cafe within the gardens offers takeaway food, drinks and “to go boxes”.

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Planning a proposal at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne? Im here to help capture the moment and ensure your plan runs smoothly.

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