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Private Property Wedding | Elly & Nathan


Elly and Nathan’s relationship first began 8 years ago when they were both in high school. They each have different memories of how they got together. Nathan says it was because he added Elly on Facebook, Elly says it’s because she slid him a DM. Either way, it’s clear this couple was made for each other. A trip to the bubble taps at Nathan’s school had Elly hooked and they have been together ever since.

Their wedding day was bursting full of energy and laughter! Elly is the kind of girl, everyone whats to be best friends with. Her laughter fills the room and when she smiles you can’t help smiling back. It’s so easy to see why Nathan said that their wedding day is the reason why he was born into this world.

We feel so privileged to capture this fun casual wedding video in country Victoria with our amazing friend Prue Peters Photography on the tools beside us.

So click the play button and I promise you won’t regret watching these two high school sweethearts get hitched!

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