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Planning a Post Office Hotel wedding? Check out our guide.

Planning a Post Office Hotel Wedding? Welcome to our guide or as we like to call it a love song dedicated to one of our favourite Melbourne pub venues!

What We Love!

The Post Office Hotel’s main drawcard is its light-filled open dining hall warehouse space. Located in the heart of Coburg, Whether you dream of a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner for your wedding guests. An even mix of modern and vintage art deco details, the food tastes amazing and the drinks are equally as good. The staff are a friendly bunch and go out of their way to ensure the happily married couple and their guests have an amazing time celebrating.

portrait of the bride and groom against the fence at the post office hotel

Wedding Photography at the Post Office Hotel

You’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to the perfect backdrop for your romantic wedding portraits at Post Office Hotel. The outside of the building with its art deco facade painted white and grey, wicked laneways with graffiti art, rustic fences with passionfruit spilling over, urban streets, and a local park with gardens and a lake are a small drive away. Our style of photography is just the right fit for a Post Office Hotel wedding. There are no cheesy poses, lots of raw moments, fun belly laughs, and everyone is encouraged to be themselves with a healthy dollop of creativity! Being a team of two (husband and wife) we have the unique ability to offer couples a combination of both photography and video while capturing weddings. Check out of of our wedding films below that took place at the Post Office Hotel. Shout out if you are interested in our pricing guide!

bride and groom embracing in the alleyway next to post office hotel at their wedding
bridal party portraits in the laneway beside the post office hotel
post office hotel wedding

Post Office Hotel Wedding Videos

We are a husband and wife team offering wedding video options for weddings that are held at the Post Office Hotel. Our wedding video options immortalise all the fun, emotion, and happiness of your Post Office Hotel wedding day to be watched over and over again. We are storytellers with massive hearts. We make it our mission to create wedding films that reflect your unique personalities. Your day, your way! Yes, we are friends with LGBTQ couples.

Looking for a wedding photographer or videographer for your upcoming wedding? Please send us an email we can’t wait to help you plan your day.

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