Phillip Island Family Photo & Video Session

Phillip Island Family Photo & Video Session

Once upon a sun-kissed morning, I embarked on a journey to Phillip Island, eagerly anticipating a delightful rendezvous with the Heywood family. My mission? To capture the essence of Week 2 in the life of their newest addition, baby Lucy, through the lens of my camera.

My tale begins with Reuben and me reminiscing about the splendid moments we shared immortalizing Kate and Dave’s beach wedding. So when the Heywoods extended an invitation to join them once more, I felt deeply honored.

As I arrived at their doorstep, the gentle waves of excitement mingled with the salty breeze, setting the stage for a memorable family photo and video session. Together, we embarked on a journey to encapsulate the love, joy, and tender moments that define life with baby Lucy.

With each click of the camera and every frame of video, we wove a narrative of familial warmth and unity against the breathtaking backdrop of Phillip Island. From playful giggles to tender embraces, every moment was a testament to the Heywood family’s bond.

As the sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a golden hue upon the sands, we concluded our session with hearts full of gratitude and memories to last a lifetime. And as I bid farewell to the Heywoods, I couldn’t help but feel privileged to have been a part of their story, capturing precious moments that they will cherish for generations to come.

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