Our Family Adventure at White Night Melbourne 2019

Last week we experience our very first White Night in Melbourne. It is a once a year event, that has been running for three years now. The last couple of events took place in spring/summer and we had weddings to shoot on both occasions. As a result, we had to miss out on previous events. Some might think it a disadvantage to run a mostly outdoor event in winter. For us as wedding photographers, we found it was a bonus!

A friend of mine sent me a message today asking what I thought of white night and I replied "incredible" Because it truly was! Even though it was cold and we got rained on, and the waited in long lines for foods I wouldn't change a thing. The lights, the performances, the sounds and colours. We enjoyed it so much the first night that we went in on the second night to see more.

We can't wait to go to attend next years white night. Did you make it in to see white night in Melbourne? What did you think? What was your favourite part? See more of our family adventures here.

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