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Old Cheese Factory Wedding

The Old Cheese Factory Wedding Venue is located in Berwick. With its beautiful manicured gardens and historical buildings, it is really an ideal location to host a relaxed wedding. In fact, Reuben and I got married here many moons ago.

Jenny and Ron’s micro wedding was planned right in the middle of the pandemic, luckily the couple only needed to change their date once. Kelly got to know Jenny very well, with lots of phone calls often lasting over an hour each time. We love to be included and kept up to date with the wedding plans. We are your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to your epic celebration.

Jenny and Ron, it was our honour to be invited to capture your super relaxed micro wedding. Once again, thank you for choosing us to capture these special memories.

Bride Getting Ready

old cheese factory wedding bridesmaid helps bride put on earrings on
Jenny’s closest friends help her get ready the morning of her wedding day.
close up of bridesmaid buttoning the brides lace wedding dress
brides best friend putting veil on the bride

Wedding Ceremony

bride arriving to her old cheese factory wedding ceremony
Jenny arrives in style!
wide view of bride arriving at old cheese factory wedding in a red vintage car
bride linking arms with her adult son and father walking towards wedding ceremony
Jenny walked with her son and father to the chapel.
The Grooms smile when he saw his bride coming down the aisle lit up the room.
Bride with her father and son walking down the aisle in the chapel at old cheese factory wedding
bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony in the chapel
the bride and groom had their wedding ceremony live streamed by bottlebrush films
Live Streaming the ceremony for the family members who could not make it to the wedding.
wide reflection view of the wedding ceremony
the bride and grooms wedding ceremony in the chapel was full of laughter at the old cheese factory
bride and groom walking out after ceremony concluded with big smiles on their faces
The look of joy and happiness after the ceremony.

Wedding Portraits at the Old Cheese Factory

bride laughing with her guests after ceremony
old cheese factory wedding portraits in front of the bush covered in purple flowers
The Groom’s nickname is Panda and he was gifted a stuffed toy by his friends.
The newlyweds feed each other cupcakes after there wedding ceremony
The newlyweds feed each other cupcakes.
the wedding party on the stairs of the original old cheese factory wedding building
old cheese factory wedding portraits of the groom and his mates
old cheese factory wedding portraits of the bride with her best friends smiling
the wedding party walking side by side in the gardens of the old cheese factory
The Bride and Groom holding hands and walking through the rose garden at the old cheese factory
A newly married couple stops to smell the roses during portraits
Old Cheese Factory Wedding Potraits in the rose garden
The Bride and Groom walk through the rose garden on the grounds of the Old Cheese Factory.

Portraits at Berwick Springs

This couple knows how to have fun and doesn’t take portrait time too seriously!
Champagne Spray time with the bride and groom surrounded by their friends.

Wedding Team:

Photographers: Kelly & Reuben at Lives on Love Street

Live Streaming: Bottlebrush Films


Wedding Ceremony and Portrait location: Old Cheese Factory, Berwick.

Reception: Settlement Hotel, Cranbourne

If you are planning an Old Cheese Factory wedding and need a photographer or videographer please get in touch!

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