Screw traditional, how to plan the alternative wedding of your dreams!

Have you ever wondered how to plan the alternative wedding of your dreams? Keep on reading to find out how.

When you start researching ideas for your wedding you will find some old traditional ideas that sound very strange and when you look deeper & find the original reasons for them they are usually quite barbaric! An example of this is "the tossing of the bouquet and garter"....Google it, we dare you! As much as we love an awesome party where everyone gets loose, we're glad watching a couple consummate their marriage has evolved over the years into throwing things into the crowd instead.

We don't hate wedding traditions per se, but we think you should keep the ones that have meaning to you and your relationship, and scrap the ones that don't! After all, its your wedding day so do it your way.

Be bold, weird and original and plan the alternative wedding of your dreams and it will be an event you will forever look back on with a delightful smile on your face and one that your guests will be saying "Daenery's and Jon snow wedding was so them" for years to come!

Here are some tips on non-traditional wedding planning.

Guest list

Avoid a massive list, choose only the people that you love and that you already spend time with! This will result in not having to spend your time introducing your husband/wife to family they have never met. You don't want your wedding day to feel like a family reunion, where you'll need to talk to every guest.

Instead you'll be wanting to dance, eat and drink the night away with the people you have fun with the most. You can always add video coverage to your photography and share it with your extended family/friends that didn't make it on your guest list.

Elopements are amazing for creating a day that's just about the couple and the love they have for each other. You can throw a party after your married and invite your whole family around to see your photos and video afterwards. It's almost like having two wedding celebrations in one! Cool huh!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Do you really want bridesmaids and groomsmen? Lots of couples like to include their best friends to be with them every step of the way. And it can really add to the fun had by all on the wedding day. But for some couples, it's hard to choose just a few of their best friends and opt-out of making that decision altogether.

But if you really like the idea of a intimate wedding, you can choose to make your day just about the two of you. Imagine starting your wedding morning waking up next to your lover and getting ready together. No need to separate and spend the night before your amazing day, apart from each other.

A wonderful way to honor your grandparents would be to invite them to be your bridesmaids/groomsmen. Their wouldn't be a dry eye in the building and it would be a fabulous way showcase the special bond you have with them. Another fun idea is to mix up your bridal/wedding party having both genders on each side. Set it up they way you want there is no right or wrong, if you are being true to yourselves.


Spend sometime visualizing what your perfect day looks it. Do you want your celebration location to be in a traditional church or wedding reception venue with white seat covers and chandeliers? Would a funky air bnb property with a pool fit your personality best? Or maybe the ideal wedding venue that truly represents you is a music studio, a local pub, camping ground, a family farm, a beer hall, a ski lodge or french restaurant. A very simple idea is to hold your celebration in your very own home or your backyard instead of a stuffy old wedding reception venue.

Clothes and Shoes

Throw out the rules and wear something unique and totally you on your wedding day. With so much colour in the whole wide world, why stick to white because some queen wore it in the 1800's on her wedding day. You can wear any colour you want! Don't like suits (specially in summer when it's as hot as hell) then don't wear one on your wedding day. Choose shoes that make your feet happy. You'll be standing and dancing a lot, your legs will thank you at the end of the night. If jeans and a t-shirt is your jam, or superhero outfits you can most definitely get married in them! Wear what makes your feel sexy and happy to be alive and it will show on your faces and make our job of capturing joy much easier!


Create a fun joy filled ceremony, it doesn't have to be stiff and non personal. Write your own or sing your wedding vows, make a cocktail together, water a plant, pour sand, light a candle, slam a shot down instead of first kiss, have an unplugged ceremony where your guests fully engaged, blindfolds so everyone other senses are fully heighten, have Buddhist tea ceremony, hand-fasting, jump over a broom and don't forget to included your beloved fur baby in you can. The possibilities for making your ceremony awesome are endless.

Be You

Don't change yourself for your wedding. You are getting married because he/she already loves you, you don't need to loose weight, whiten your teeth, or get a fake tan! You are enough and so worthy of loving. Just be you.


Ignore everyone else's planning rules and make up your own. Want to do something on your wedding day but your mother in law is telling you you can't! We're here to tell you to throw out the rules and plan your wedding day around what you want to do. If you want to get married in a hot air balloon, nude, hiking up a mountain, bungee jumping, in a hotel/motel, dressed up as vampires in a cemetery (oh please do this, it would be epic) in your own backyard, in a car park? Absolutely! Fucking do it! We are here to support you making up your own rules 100%!


This may sound crazy but you you can be the master of your own timing on your wedding day. You could throw a brunch reception instead of dinner, or have sunrise or sunset ceremony. Have a first look and all your portraits taken before you get married so you can join the party straight after your ceremony and enjoy that grazing platter you have organized during cocktail hour with your guests.

Don't have portraits at all, have a purely documentary style of coverage to your wedding day. Or crazy still, you could opt to have your bride/groom portraits taken the day before or after your wedding day in a different location. Imagine how cool portraits in your wedding outfits could look hanging out at Hanging Rock, or intimate morning after wedding session in your hotel room, with clothes on of course.

So that's just a few unique, wild, wicked fun alternative wedding planning ideas. If you need help brainstorming please shot us an email, we can't wait to come up with some new wedding plans with you.

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