Frankston Family Photography

This Frankston Family Photography Session took place at the beach when the late afternoon sun bathed everything it touched in a golden hue. My favourite portrait light. The Leeden Family invited us to capture some family photos before their upcoming wedding.

Little Max was a delight to photograph next to his parents Lydia and Michael. He loved the sand in between his fingers, going down the slide with daddy, chasing the waves.

On a hot autumn night there is no better place to be, but on a beach playing in the waves and watching the sunset. Why not have Kelly join you for a local Family Photography Session.

parents holding hands and watching their son play during frankston family photography session
We started these family portraits on the boardwalk that surround the beach.
little boy throughing sand during family photography session
Little kids often love the feeling of sand in their fingers.
boy with blue shirt picking up sand on the frankston beach during family photography session
Max getting a good amount of sand in his hands.
I adore the colours that this family choose to wear to their family session. Hot pink, blues and dark denim.
couple holding hands and looking at each other during family photo session
frankston coast guard building
father going down the slide with son
father and mother holding little boys hands and walking along the frankston beach during family photo shoot
family photography session on the franskston pier
father giving son piggy bag ride

The beach is only one of many different location ideas in Frankston where we could go to take fun relaxed photos of your family. There are many different parks, gardens and even your own family home. We recommended picking a place that has meaning to your family, it helps to create a deeper connection in your photographs.

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