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FAQ | Family Photography and Video


Do you have a question about family photography and video? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t see your question answered here, please send us an email!

Who will be photographing and or filming my family?

You will get 1 photographer/filmmaker.  Kelly will be photographing your family session. Though occasionally Reuben will also come to a family session if he’s available.

How would you describe your style?

I like to document what is happening in an organic way, with no posing. I will give you gentle directions and games if needed to make you feel relaxed and ensure we are capturing the moments that are important to you. Nothing is fake, everything is honest and raw. My style is mostly documentary with a healthy dollop of creativity.

How long does a session last?

I am led by your children. A photography or video session with me is never rushed or pushed. Generally, allow 1 hour for photography and up to 2 for video sessions.

What is the best time of day to shoot?

If your session is happening outside 1-2 hours before sunrise and sunset are the most magical, in regards to lighting. However, these times rarely work for families with small children, especially in summer. The best time will is usually when your children are awake, well rested and fed. I suggest 10 am for a morning session and 1 pm for an afternoon.

How many images will I get?

You will receive approximately 75+ fully edited digital files (a mix of colour and black and white) in your online gallery for a 1-hour photography session. If you book a family video session, the main focus is to capture video clips but you will also receive around 20 fully edited digital files as well.

When will I receive my Photos + Film?

Usually within 2-3 weeks, with a sneak peek on social media within days after the session. Family films take longer to edit, please allow approximately 6 weeks during busy periods.

What should we wear to my family session?

Neutral colours are always great. Choose clothing that makes you feel your best and matches the location. Avoid logos, loud patterns, and baggy clothes they only make you look bigger.

I’ll send you an email before our time together with great tips and advice.

What’s the deal with music for my family film? 

I use Musicbed and Artlist to purchase music to use in all our films. I’ll ask you questions on what types of songs you like to get a feel that will fit perfectly.

I love choosing a song that compliments the mood of the film. 

Can I include our pets in our family photo shoot?

Hell Yes! I love animals. Make sure the location you have chosen allows animals and we are good to go!

In-home sessions are ideal for this.

Do you have a studio set up?

No, I believe the best photos and videos are made in an environment like in your own home or in a location that has meaning to your family. If you would like some outdoor location recommendations to explore as a family check out this list!

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