Corinella Wedding Photographer

Corinella Wedding Photographer

A Surprise Wedding by the Sea: Capturing Kiri & Angus’s Special Day in Corinella

This wedding wasn’t your typical white dress and grand ballroom affair. It was a unique celebration of love, friendship, and a touch of surprise! Today, with the kind permission of my talented friend and fellow photographer Robyn Regan, who I co-shoot this wedding with I’m sharing some of my favorite moments from Kiri and Angus’s Corinella wedding.

Corinella Wedding Photographer

A Wedding in Disguise

What began as an engagement party for their closest friends and family took a heartwarming turn when Kiri and Angus decided to surprise everyone with a full-blown wedding ceremony! The ceremony itself unfolded on the cliffs overlooking their Corinella home, a location that held deep significance for the couple. However, with a touch of unexpected drama, a storm rolled in just as the vows were exchanged.

Race Against the Weather

The weather gods threw a curveball, forcing a quick relocation to the marquee to ensure a dry and official ending to the ceremony. While the initial plan for photos in this special location fell through due to the rain, there was still magic in the air.

Golden Light and Stolen Moments

Just as hope for outdoor portraits seemed to fade, the rain stopped with a sigh of relief, and the setting sun cast a warm, golden glow. Seizing this golden opportunity, Robyn and I whisked the happy couple away from the festivities for a few precious moments alone. The soft, fading light created the perfect backdrop to capture the genuine love and connection between Kiri and Angus.

bride at hairdresses in Corinella getting her hair done before her wedding

Corinella Wedding Photographer
portrait of bride and groom holding clear umbrellas in the rain
Corinella Wedding Photographer sunset portraits of bride and groom
moody sunset portrait of bride and groom during Corinella Wedding Photo Session

Finding a Corinella Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding in Corinella? Finding the perfect photographer or videographer to capture your special day is key. We’re waiting as your Corinella wedding photographers, and I highly recommend reach out and talk to Kelly and Reuben today.

This wedding was a beautiful reminder that love and joy can blossom even amidst unexpected circumstances. Congratulations once again to Kiri and Angus!

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