Beloved Workshop by Beth Fernley

Wow 2017, bring it on! 2016 was an epic year for us personally and business wise! Filled with many highs (first international trip overseas) and some lows (two of Kelly's uncles passed away). We have a lot of blogging to do and we'll start with Beth Fernley's Beloved Workshop attended by Kelly.  Kelly have delayed writing this post for too long now. It's hard to put into word how something has changed your views so much.

This amazing photography workshop was held in the studio of Clarisse Photography. Tracy and Mark were the super cool, generous hosts for the day making sure everyone had food and drinks and became the models for the day, along with their children.

Within a short time of Beth telling us her very personal story I already had shivers down my spine and tears in my eyes.  I knew that this workshop was going to be different, and it was. I came home with an empty note book, I didn't take a single note the whole day. It wasn't the kind of workshop that you took notes in, you just kinda felt the whole experience instead. A loving small group of women from different backgrounds and stages of their career's came together to to learn about connecting better with our clients .   It's safe to say that this workshop has changed the way I feel about photography! A session or a wedding should be more than just pretty images, its about being open, clearing your expectations and creating an emotional experience that will bring your clients closer and create images full of real moments. My life was changed forever after this encounter with the sweet, funny, warm, open, honest, ever so talented, Beth! Thank you for your beautiful soulful way of teaching us that is not about the technical stuff that makes a great images its all about the heart.

Side note is was awesome to see the super lovely Robyn again. I meet her a couple of months before when our business cards got mixed up in the post and I received hers and she got mine. We hit it off immediate and I liked her even more when she told me she was weird, because I'm weird too.  Robyn I can't wait to chat up soon and see your gorgeous home renovations!

xo Kelly

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