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Best Melbourne Family Photography Session Locations

This post is all about location, location, location! You might already have the perfect spot in mind when it comes to your family photography location in Melbourne. But if you are stuck on ideas, or what to go on an adventure and explore new places. Here are some ideas.


We are spoiled for choice in Melbourne when it comes to parks and gardens. There is are too many options to count. So here are a few of our favourites.

Fitzroy Gardens

Why we love it: The trees, the gardens and big wide pathways.  Best Time: Autumn, the colours of the trees changing leaves are simply spectacular!

Braeside Park

Why we love it: Rustic Australian bush charm! Best time: Afternoon, evening sessions are best for flattering lighting to your faces.

Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Why we love it: it’s super close to our home.  It is also a dog-friendly location. Best Time: I haven’t met a season I haven’t liked while wandering around this beautiful park.

Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Why we love it: Lots of cool spots to change up the look; cactus garden, pond, greenhouse, ferns. Best Time: any time of the year is a good time for a photography session here.

Old Cheese Factory, Berwick

Why we love it: This is where we got married. The brick buildings, gardens, and the wooden playground has old-worldly charm. Best Time: Spring and summer when the garden is in bloom.


We are so lucky in Victoria to be surrounded by one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Your family beach photography locations are limitless. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Half Moon Bay, Black Rock

Why we love it: Specatular burnt orange coloured rocks, the sunken wreck of Australia’s first ironclad warship, HMVS Cerberus looks super cool at sunset Best Time: Any time of the year, though just before sunset results in the best light to photograph you.

St Kilda

Why we love it: It is one of Melbourne’s most famous beaches. Both the boardwalk and the St. Kilda Pier are great areas to take photos. Best Time: any time of the year and Sunrise or sunset for the best light.

Mornington Peninsula

Why we love it: So many amazing choices when you take a drive along the peninsula.  Beach boxes, rock pools, and city views from across the bay. Best Time: any time of the year, quieter in winter than in summer. 


Fed Square

Why we love it: Located in the heart of Melbourne, we quite often start a session here and walk to other nearby spots. The architecture makes a fabulous background. Best Time: all year round. Early morning, late afternoon or evenings are the best lightings wise. 

Hosier Lane

Why we love it: Funky colourful street art. Best time: any time of the year or day!

Coffee Shops and Cafes

Why we love it: Great retreat from the heat, cold or rain. Melbourne hosts some of the coolest looking cafes in the world, why not take advantage as a backdrop. Best Time: all year round. Avoid busy mealtimes, and weekdays will have fewer people than weekends. 


Playgrounds are always fun for kids, they really come out of their shells and the laughter and smiles are always a pure joy to capture. It’s always best to start the session away from the playground in a garden or park to get group shots of everyone together and use the playground at the end of the session. Once the kids start playing on the swings etc, they won’t want to leave.

Your Home

My personal favourite is your own family home. Everything I need to capture raw, natural portraits is in the comfort of your own home. 


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