If you are interested in having your family video made, please get in touch with me. Want to see more lifestyle family photography taken at home in Melbourne? Please check out the Bakkers on my blog!

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  1. Ahh those chunky thighs! What a beautifully done in-home session! My fave!

  2. This is so precious! I love that you offer video with your family sessions! There is something amazing about seeing the expressions on her little face and how the baby interacts with mom and dad. A family film is definitely something I’m going to want when I have kids! 

  3. What a beautiful family session! Love how you documented these sweet moments of Mom and Dad with their beautiful baby girl! What a treasure this video is!

  4. Awww can’t get enough of this little bundle of cuteness and her expressions! The video is so well done too. I am sure the new-parents will cherish these moments forever. 

  5. Oh my gosh, this film is absolutely precious!! The song is absolutely perfect too… nothing like those slobbery baby grins. Gorgeous work!!

  6. AH! I LOVE LOVE that you do family videos! That is such a unique take and will make the most wonderful memories.  This is so beautiful

  7. This video is so sweet! What a great way to preserve a few memories with baby in the home.. Love the video + photo combo for family sessions! Well done!

  8. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish all of my lifestyle portraits looked like that! What a beautiful film as well!


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