bride and groom holding hands in front of orange wall during abbotsford elopement

Abbotsford Elopement

Masa and Nicks Abbotsford Elopement was small, intimate and big on love! Imagine being apart for 2 years, because of covid! Living in different countries and unable to fly to see each other! I’d be beside myself to be apart from my husband for that long. Their long-awaited reunion was something special when Masa has finally allowed to enter Australia from the UK. Nick worked tirelessly with the government officials to finally make this happen. When Masa’s flight touched down, they travelled around South Australia for a couple of weeks. Along the way visited many wineries (humans after my own heart) before coming back to Melbourne to elope.

Nicks’s mother and stepdad were there to witness this sweet ceremony by Simple Weddings at the Quest in Abbotsford. We felt so much joy in the little room, I still get goosebumps when I think about it. Joy is my favourite of all human emotions you can feel on your elopement day!

There are a few of our favourite Abbotsford elopement photos to enjoy!

The couple in the pub drinking beer before there elopement begins.
The almost newlyweds and their witnesses the pub before the ceremony.
reflection photo of couple in the pub before their elopement ceremony
In the pub before the elopement begins.
black and white image of bride and groom hugging from behind
Pre Elopement Hugs
bride and groom during elopement ceremony in abbotsford
bride and groom laughing during there ceremony in Abbotsford
close up photo of hands and rings during elopement
close up photo of the bride smiling during  elopement portraits
bride and groom elopement portraits in abbotsford streets
lensbaby lens elopement portrait
bride and groom bumping hips in abbotford wedding portraits
bride and groom wearing sun glasses and smiling
bride and groom holding hands and walking in lane ways of abbotsford
elopement photography melbourne
grooms face reflecting in brides glasses
bride and groom almost kissing under a tree
man holding womens face in the park
bride and groom walking through the park
creative off camera flash elopement portrait
slihouette portrait of bride and groom during their abbotsford elopment
Creative silhouette portrait of Bride and Groom in Abbotsford Park

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